Core’s pay period is Monday through Sunday.  You must submit complete and accurate timesheets in order to be paid. Whether you are using electronic timesheets or hardcopy, the procedure is essentially the same.  Hours worked should be submitted, with appropriate authorization, no later than noon on Monday. The pay period may be adjusted to accommodate a holiday schedule. Appropriate notification will be provided.



If you are utilizing our online timesheets, separate instructions will be emailed to you prior to the start of your assignment.  If you have any questions regarding online timesheet procedures, please contact Brennan Johnson at bjohnson@employcore.com, or (212) 766-1222.


  • Fill in your name, social security number, week ending date (week ending dates are Sundays) and the name of company where you are working.

  • Record the hours worked each day and total them to the nearest quarter hour. Make sure to deduct any time taken for lunch.  Total your hours for the week and enter the amount into the ‘total hours’ box.

  • If you are not utilizing Direct Deposit, check the appropriate box to indicate whether your paycheck should be held at a Core office or mailed.

  • Check the appropriate box to indicate whether you have completed your assignment or will be returning to work the next week.  If your assignment is ending, contact your Recruiter immediately.

  • All timesheets must have an authorized signature in order for you to be paid. At the end of the week, have your supervisor sign your timesheet to authorize the hours worked. (For assignments shorter than one week, please have your timesheet approved on your last day.)

  • We strongly recommend that you email your approved timesheets to payroll@employcore.com to ensure they are received by the deadline. Hardcopy timesheets can also be mailed, faxed, or dropped off at a Core office. However, please note that Core does not assume responsibility for mailed timesheets. Faxed timesheets must be confirmed by phone by calling the payroll department between 3:00pm and 5:00pm on Monday to confirm receipt. Core will not assume responsibility for faxed timesheets not confirmed by phone.

  • Timesheets not received by the Monday deadline will be processed the following week.


 Paychecks are available for pick-up on Wednesday after 1:00 PM. For direct deposit, your payment may be delayed a day or two depending on the authorization time required by your financial institution.

To sign up for direct deposit, click here and submit the completed form to payroll.



If you have an urgent payroll issue, including any changes in contact information, please call us at 212-766-1222, Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.